WP Trickle Vents 400mm


Trickle vents are a simple and easy to install way to add extra ventilation to your windows.

These vents are suitable for uPVC, Timber and Aluminium windows and they are designed to meet building regulations.

Trickle vents allow air to flow through windows when the window is shut, helping to prevent condensation.

These trickle vents have a hood grill and flyscreen on the exterior vent, preventing insects from entering through the gaps in the vent.



These Windowparts Window Vents are available in a wide range of colours designed to suit the window they’re being attached to.

These vents meet all British building regulations, and are supplied as a pair together with fixing screws.

Suitable for uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows.

Meets building regulation requirements.

Supplied as a pair – interior and exterior vent.

Exterior Hood Grill with Flyscreen.

Complete with fixing screws.

Available in: Black (32024), Black on brilliant white (110938), Black on standard white (121315), Brilliant white (21483), Brown (32021), Brown on standard white (32023), Caramel (32022), Standard white (21481), Tan (103508), Tan on brilliant white (106842), Tan on standard white (103548)

Length 400mm, Screw holes 387mm, Thickness 23mm

Additional information

Weight220 g


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