Flexi Espag


The Flexi Espag is the ultimate repair window espag rod.

Designed to fit any uPVC profile, the Flexi Espag can fit any backset between 20mm and 25mm, suits slimline, standard and eurogroove profiles, and can be cut down to any length between 1000mm and 400mm.

Has either 8mm or 9mm mushroom cams.




The Flexi Espag is the ultimate repair window espag, able to replace 95% of shoot bolts and espags.

This universal espag rod is perfect for repair work, letting you finish jobs in just one visit. The adjustable mushroom cams, backset and retaining clips give this espag lock the flexibility to replace almost any window mechanism.

1000/800/600/400mm length – Can also be cut down to suit the size of the profile (To a minimum of 400mm).

8 or 9mm adjustable Mushroom cams. Stainless Steel mushroom heads and faceplate.

Designed to fit – Offset. Inline. Suits Slimline (13mm). Standard (16mm). Eurogroove. Backset between 20 and 25mm.

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Weight300 g


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