Fir Tree Gasket E015


Fir Tree Gaskets for windows and doors, used to seal out any drafts from those windows and doors.

The gasket is pushed in between the frame and the glass to provide a watertight seal that prevents rain and draughts from getting in.

Supplied in black. White available as special order, please call for prices



Fir Tree Gaskets comes in many shapes and sizes, used to seal out any drafts on your windows and doors.

Available in 10m lengths or full buckets of various lengths.

Supplied in black colour. White colour available as special order – can take up to 2 weeks (please call or email if you would like this option.

SKU: 10m Lengths > E015 (116732), E017 (120128), E065 (116730), E094 (117013).

SKU: Full buckets > E015 (116731), E017 (120123), E065 (116729), E094 (116375).

Additional information

Weight120 g


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