Euro Thumbturn Door Cylinder Size:: 30/30


Euro Thumbturn Door Cylinders for uPVC doors in brass & nickel finishes in various sizes.

This Euro Cylinder is supplied with three keys and has six pins.




This Euro Cylinder comes with a thumbturn on the inside, so that it can be easily unlocked with a turn of the knob. This makes the thumbturn euro cylinder safer in the event of a fire or other emergency, as it can be quickly unlocked without the need for a key.

The key is used to lock and unlock the door from the outside, making this euro cylinder useful for doors that need to be secured but also have a lot of traffic.

Supplied with 3 keys and fixing screws. Euro Thumbturn Door Cylinders are ideal for a quick emergency exit. The door can be locked or unlocked from the inside by turning the knob. You only need to use the key if you are going to lock the door from the outside.

Euro cylinder supplied has 6 pins.

Available in Brass or Nickel. Note: (When ordering the first number is always the side the thumbturn is on)


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