E Gasket


Used to seal gaps in doors and windows.

Supplied in black, however white is available as a special order – Please contact us for more details via telephone or email.

Easy to install – remove the old gasket following insertion of new gasket between glass and frame.



A small E Gasket used to seal gaps in doors and windows.

These gaskets are available in 10m sizes and in buckets.

The gasket is available in black and also white, however this may take up to 2 weeks.
(Please contact WindowParts via email/telephone for this option)

If you are uncertain of which gasket you may need for your windows and doors, please do not hesitate to cut off a small section of your current gasket and send it to us via mail; we can try our ultimate best to identify this for you to get the perfect gasket!

Additional information

Weight220 g


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