Gibbons ABT Centre Lockcase With Snib

ABT Basta Gibbons Lockcase

31.6mm Backset

T/S + L/L Operation

48/86mm PZ Centres

22mm Faceplate Width

Height: 146mm – Depth: 50mm – Faceplate: 22mm.




This centre lockcase can be used to replace a damaged ABT centre lockcase.

Basta Gibbons Twin Spindle Centre Lockcase with Snib supplied with faceplate.

This Basta lockcase is designed to replace the existing centre lockcase if I is damaged, meaning you do not have buy a whole new lock.

The twin spindle allows the lockcase to be used together with Lever/Lever or Lever/Pad handles.

Reversable latch, remove the grub screw & remove latch, turn round & reinsert, resecure with the grub screw.

31.6mm Backset.

48/86mm PZ Centres.

Height: 146mm – Depth: 50mm – Faceplate: 22mm.

Available with: 31.6mm (116565) backset

L/L: Lever Operated.

To Lock – Lift handle upwards, one full turn of key, remove key, door is now locked.

To Unlock – Turn key one full turn and push down on the handle.

T/S: Twin Spindle.

To Lock – Lift handle up to engage locking points. One full turn of the key, door is now locked.

To Open From Inside – Turn key and push down on the handle.

To Open From Outside – Turn the key, push down on the handle and turn the key to release the door latch.

Additional information

Weight300 g


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